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" Categories include preteens, teens, adults and romance. If you are looking for a safe chat environment, check out Chat to see if this is the place for you.

Condo - "Live Internet Cams Running All Over the World." Large webcam directory.

If you’re already tangled up in it, seek wise counsel.

If you’re open to it, a trusted friend or a counselor can help you navigate through and offer advice about how to carefully approach the subject.

Chat World - Over 21 Chat Over 300 chatrooms on site, or links to sites. "Leahcim Javachat is offering IRC services since 1996 and has been the starting place of many and still houses people from all over the world.

Warning: The content on this site is not suitable for minors. Leahcims IRC Server is web oriented, the client ( a Java Applet ), nickname registration, channel registration are all handled with a web interface.

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Tell your coworker that you‘re uncomfortable with all the emails.

Video Chat Hosts are people who have a Web Cam (PC Cam or video camera) connected to their home computer which enables them to broadcast live video over the internet.

They broadcast live full motion video which doesn't need any special software to view. Chathouse is a site with a variety of chatrooms for specific interests." Chat Junkies - IRC chat network IRC client required.

"Chatropolis is one of the largest most active chat sites on the Internet.

You do not need any plugins or Java to chat at Chatropolis.

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